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The mission of KMTP is diversity and inclusiveness in education and media.

The station effectuates this mission with multicultural program diversity – through information, education and the arts – bringing significant programming to underrepresented groups.

Our mission of inclusiveness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is effectuated via our Wade Institute of Technology 

The Station

KMTP-TV 32, Digital 33, is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to Minority Television Project, Inc., a not-for-profit [501 (c) (3)] corporation (MTP). It serves the San Francisco Bay Area as a non-commercial public educational station.

Station offices are located in San Mateo with additional facilities In Palo Alto and transmission facilities in San Francisco.

As the only public broadcasting station in the market that places substantial reliance on corporate sponsors and contributions, rather than government funding, the Station continually seeks on-going support to further its mission


The station’s broadcast signal is carried by substantially all the cable television systems in the nine-county San Francisco Bay area and DirectTV, reaching approximately 1.9 million households over the air, via satellite and cable. 

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