KMTP Programing

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A new program starting this fall, focused on German / American business and culture. GABA TV is produced in association with the German American Business Association.

Producer: Pamela Lenz Sommer

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One Life

Living with HIV/AIDS

One Life addresses the HIV/AIDS pandemic in a 30-minute weekly program. The on-going search for a cure prompts segments ranging from medical research and preventative measures to lifestyles and humor aimed at those individuals, families and professionals intimately involved with the disease as well as the general population. Its goals are awareness, education and inspiration.

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Russia Today

Voice from Moscow

RT news channel aimed at global viewers featuring international news in and around Russia covers business, culture, science and sports with international perspectives. Its headline news is tailored to viewers outside of Russia; sports coverage includes popular American sports in addition to cricket and soccer, popular in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean; and, documentaries highlight distinctive peoples of Russia including, for example, an in-depth profile of a family that migrated from Africa.

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